Optima Kimya is a leader in specialty auxiliaries which offers a large portfolio of chemicals with combination of a vast number of application and more than 20 years’ technical knowledge. The core philosophy of “Optimum Chemistry” is the principle that had been defining us and that guides our success worldwide, dedicated to optimum in every part of our lives.


• Produce high quality and standard products, with the help of strong R&D
• Provide cost effective products
• Design eco-friendly chemicals
• Technical support, solving problems which customers are facing in production


• Customer tailored service,
• Strength in innovation
• Highly educated team based on strong roots and values • Innovative company

Our success is based on strategies of responsible, integral communication with customers and employees and the considerate use of the world's limited resources. Optima Kimya presents innovative solutions for the problems faced in textile sector for customer needs with its expert staff. Our company improves its manufactures consistently in its high-tech R&D laboratories providing full support to human health, environmental protection and occupational safety. our company continues its activities such as manufacture, R&D and quality control laboratories research and storing in Corlu plant.